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How will you know the needs of my child?

At the beginning of your child’s tutoring experience with us, he/she will undergo an extensive academic assessment either in your home or in our offices. This assessment will help us determine a student’s specific strengths and weaknesses. Following the assessment, we will set up a meeting with the child’s school teacher to get his/her professional opinion on our assessment and any other concerns they may have as we begin our tutoring process.

What curriculum do you use?

EPCC works with the schoolwork of the student’s classroom as well as with curriculum that lines up with the student’s specific needs and the California State Standards. We do not try to fit students into a curriculum program that’s been pre-selected. Instead, the staff at EPCC takes the more effective approach of assessing the exact academic concepts that need to be addressed, meeting with the student’s teacher to confirm our assessment, and integrating materials from our extensive and comprehensive library of curriculum materials.  We will never hesitate to order the appropriate curriculum from the top publishing companies, if that is what is necessary to help your child.   This ensures that your child is able to keep up with the work that’s being presented to him daily at school, as well as fill the “holes” in the child’s academic foundation.  You will see that El Paseo Children’s Center for Psychological & Educational Assessment goes above and beyond what any other learning center will provide.  Our reputation is on the line and we want to make sure that your child goes to school feeling happy and confident with his/her academics skills.

Who will be tutoring my child?

Our tutoring staff consists of credentialed general education teachers and special education teachers.   Many of our tutors/teachers are trained to work with children who have specific learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, and emotional challenges.  References were also required and contacted before being hired so you can rest assured that your tutor/teacher is experienced and held in high regard by his/her administrator, special education director or colleagues. Our tutors are experienced, reliable and compassionate to the unique needs of struggling students. We carefully screen and check the back ground of each tutor.

*Satisfaction Guaranteed*

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with your EPCC tutoring experience, that we offer much more than a Free Consultation. We offer the first 3 sessions with a guarantee that if you are not 100 percent satisfied you will get your money back.

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Why in-home tutoring with EPCC ?

Current research indicates that tutorial programs that do not provide specialized academic instruction do not provide long-term benefits in the future. This is the EPCC difference. Our program emphasizes tutorial instruction that specifically addresses the unique needs of the student. Our one-to-one ratio ensures total attention to your youngster and the concepts they’re tackling. In order for EPCC to maintain our first-rate reputation, our tutors/teachers that come into your home are held to an extremely high standard. We want every student to be successful in school and we will do everything we can to help them reach their true potential.